Friday, 13 February 2009

Half Term

We hope you like the new website.....where this blog is moving to. See link on post below...

We've been busy as always, we've been looking at how precious we are in our school RS's this week, with the help of eggs! We've had a cracking time!

Half term is ahead of this week, I'm off on a retreat so will be spending some time praying for HSI, for the Exec and the Council of Reference as they seek where HSI is going and how we can gain more financial funding. Please join in prayer with me.

My prayer is that HSI can continue to build on what has already been achieved and all the expansion of the work we can see just from this year.

Youth Alpha starts straight after half term, so please pray for Diana and I as we plan and prepare, and that we will have some great young people willing to explore with us.

Enjoy half term if you have it off!

Thursday, 5 February 2009


Can I draw your attention to the new HSI website...

The blog shall be moving over to this address also.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Starting Tuesday 24 February. Next Door, Camps Rd. 3.30-4.30pm. 13-18 year olds. More info contact Beckie 07875 485520.

Friday, 30 January 2009

I've had a really exciting week and felt the need to share. We're being told that the church is in decline...but we aren't told that people are finding God all the time! This has been proven to me this week.

On Sunday a came across a young person who I have had contact with through Christian lunches in school, she has found Jesus along with her friend, through the positive witnesses of a Christian teacher and others. Then, I was doing a lesson yesterday in one school and a young person who I had contact with last year in Rock Solid came up to me and told me she gave her life to Christ 2 months ago, when I asked her how she told me through prayer, she discovered prayer, and how amazing it was in her life! WOW! No church, no people, just God and a thirst for spiritual fulfilment!
It's really exciting and got me more enthusiastic about how to reach young people and their thirst to experience something different and more meaningful.

This all fell in bizarre timing with me feeling the need to run a Youth Alpha course after school, this way they can search and if they want me fed into a youth group and church or something new can spring up out of it. Please pray as we consider how this works, practically, and with juggling time.

It's been a great few weeks, if a little busy with some great lessons at Castle Manor, RS's steadily keeping numbers, and in some increasing. It's an exciting time here in Haverhill, one of hope through all the gloom of the economic crisis. Please join with us as we pray for this hope to grow and to shine around our town.

Next week calms down a little;

-Castle Hill Rock Solid
-Chalkstone Community Centre Rock Solid

-Hope prayer meeting 9am, open to anyone, Garden Anex Downs Baptist Church
-Rock Solid, Parkway

-Rock Solid Parkway
-Mudflaps, a youth group held at Kedington Community Centre for those in school years 5-8, 4-5.45

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Men Needed!

We need male leaders for Monday night Rock Solid at the Chalkstone Community centre. we need people who could offer 2 Monday's a month, or more if they wanted. Leaders are there from 6 for a 6.30 start and we are finished by 8pm.
If you, or someone you know from your churches can help please e-mail me
Please put RS in the subject.
Thank you.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Week starting 26th Januray 09


Hope you are avoiding the lurgy,both Diana and I have been battling through this week, taking it in turns to be ill!

It's been a busy week with all clubs now running. We started at Castle Hill this week, a small group but very eager and full of questions. Some of the things discussed highlighted the importance for clubs like RS in providing friendship for those who are lonely. Please pray for this group as it grows.

Next week is looking a busy week, please pray for the health of Diana and myself and all those who volunteer with us.

Can we draw your attention to Friday night...Breakout, Friday 30 January at Haverhill Methodist Church. £2 admittance for...Big Screen PS2, dance mats, SingStar, cafe, DJ, Spiritual Zone and Bungee runs...and lots more.

The rest of the week;


-Yr9 RE Castle Manor

-Rock Solid Castle Hill

-Rock Solid Chalkstone Community Centre


-Yr9 RE Castle Manor


-Yr9 Castle Manor

-Rock Solid Parkway


-Yr9 Castle Manor

-Rock Solid Parkway


Thursday, 15 January 2009

Back to the busyness

Hello. I returned from Wales last week after spending a week in a Castle for the Youth for Christ Staff Conference. It was a great time for teaching, with some excellent and inspiring bible studies lead by Leonard Sweet, so informative seminars and a time to reflect and pray into the work. It's always so encouraging to meet with other centres and hear the stories they bring, and to see over 400 people there all involved in the work of YFC in Britain! It was also a time to say farewell to Roy Crown the National Director of YFC as he moves on to new things.

But now I'm back and 2009 has great things in store for HSI. Diana Andre has returned from maternity to leave to do part time work with us, helping with the Parkway Rock Solid, we hope Rob will also continue his valuable contribution to the club.

We are also starting a new Rock Solid at Castle Hill Middle on Monday's after school for an hour. If you would like to be involved in this as a volunteer please contact us.

We are praying and looking into another mission week in a school, please pray as we seek to speak to schools.

Dates for the future..

BREAKOUT Friday 30 January

CAFE VIBE Friday 13 February


Next week looks busy so your prayers are always much needed...


-RS Castle Hill, first one for year 5 and 6.

-RS Chalkstone Community Center, 6.30-7.45pm


-Breakout planning meeting


-Yr 9 RE lesson at Castle Manor


-Hope prayer meeting

-RS Parkway

-Yr9 RE lesson at Castle Manor


-RS Parkway

-Mudflaps, Kedington, 4-5.45pm Kedington Community Centre, a club for Middle school aged young people